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Cloudy Mountain

Always Reforming

Reformation teaching in light of current evangelical biblical scholarship.
A site to discuss the great Sola Scriptura Reformation doctrines from a biblical theology perspective.

About me.

About me

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Hi, I'm Colin.
Thanks for joining me here.  

I am a Christian believer with a high view of Scripture and have spent most of my church life in the Reformed tradition. 


I started my theology studies late in my career, gaining an MTh from the University of Wales in 2010 and a PhD on the Bible’s Marital Imagery from the University of Chester in 2015.   


During these years I have been greatly encouraged to get to know many biblical theologians with a similar high view of Scripture who in their studies are revealing ever deeper truths in God’s word.  


I hope on this website to share some of the insights of the academy. And in the process engage with others who, while respecting our Christian heritage, recognise that we have not yet exhausted all that Scripture can teach us.   


In other words, the ethos will be to reflect the outlook of the original Reformers. They challenged the status quo of their day by going directly to the text of Scripture and tried, with all the tools at their disposal, to seek the meaning of any Scripture text by exploring its original in context.  

My blog.

My blog

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My podcast
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